How To Think Like A Spy

From The Mind of Gabriel Shear

Saturday, January 16, 2016



How To Think Like A Spy

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”

– Sherlock Holmes

– The Hound of the Baskervilles

You see it in the movies… On TV. You read it in the books. Spies, Secret Agents, Special Forces. Men that remain calm, cool and collected even during the most dangerous moments. They seem so in control of the situation. One step ahead of everyone else. Resourceful, smart and strong. Almost as if they can see whats going to happen before it does and so are able to predict and act. Not react. This man, this idea is not totally in the realm of imagination. There is a large grain of truth to these representations. This is a desirable state of mind for anyone to be in. So we ponder in amazement at such skill and intelligence, wondering if we too can be like that guy.

We can…

Nature has honed your instinctual survival skills over thousands of years. Your gut feelings, the hair standing on the back of your neck, instantaneous reactions to spiders or snakes(or anything that looks like them). These things go to show that your animal mind does one thing, and it does it well.  KEEP YOU ALIVE!

To understand how you can use this primitive mind to allow you to perform almost superhuman feats of memory, reaction and recognition. You must first realize one thing. That one thing is the fact that you have two minds. Now, no I don’t mean that you have split personalities… well, at least most of us don’t. No no, what I mean is that you have two parts to your mind. The conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. To start, the conscious mind is what you’re using to read this, it’s the advanced part of your brain. The part that makes you “intelligent”. This part of the mind is indivisible. That is to say, it cannot think of two or more things at once. Magicians, con-artists and pickpockets make use of this very fact by using miss-direction. They draw your attention away from what they are really doing so that you won’t notice. Because you can’t focus your attention on more than one thing at a time, you don’t notice what else they’re doing. The conscious mind is not very good at keeping track of multiple things and hence can’t be relied upon to notice every little detail or hint of danger.

For that function we go back to the more primitive sub-conscious. This older part is very, very, good at noticing details and catching little things the conscious mind would miss. That’s because it records everything. Everything you’ve ever seen is stored in your mind. Although most people are unable to recall these memories. Some children with Eidetic memory (photo graphic memory) are able to recall these memories. For most though, the conscious mind is limited in this ability. Very tragic or scary events in one’s life are usually the exception. Most are able to recall very vivid details of an event that had a traumatic or scary effect on them. The sub-conscious is always watching, listening, smelling, feeling and tasting. It doesn’t have emotion. It doesn’t understand lies, sarcasm or jokes. It’s always on, even when you sleep. If you’re having a hard time understanding this, then just think of a dog.

Now the way the sub-conscious mind works with the conscious mind, is through what I would describe as interrupts. Using the analogy of a computer program. You have your main program running. This would be equivalent to your conscious mind. It runs normally doing the things you would normally do. Then you have interrupt routines. These are special programs that are activated when some input is triggered. They run only when an interrupt is received and once done, the main program takes back over. For example your moving some boxes into the garage. This action would be your main program running. Suddenly your sub-conscious detect what it infers to be a spider on your arm. This would be the input that triggers the interrupt routine.  You stop what you’re doing and immediately swipe it off your arm without even “thinking”. This would be the interrupt routine running while your main program is stopped. You then collect yourself and continue on. Your main program is now back to running.

After reading the above. You should notice a few things. Number one being, that you didn’t really have control when your sub-conscious acted and number two. It took a special input to trigger it. In this case the spider on your body. This is the key to using your sub-conscious mind. Learning to use inputs to trigger specific reactions. People gain and lose these reactions through out there lives and so it is possible to program them into your sub-conscious with a little work.

The main way sub-conscious programming is done is through the  Input+Emotion+Repetition  cycle.  This works well enough for subliminal advertising and getting rid of fears. It is however limited though, in that you can only program one thing at a time. There is another way that I personally use that has been very effective. This method creates more of a connection between your two minds. Giving you the ability to apply your “thinking” mind with your “reacting” mind.  It’s not terribly difficult to do. Although it can get mentally exhausting at first but soon becomes like second nature and like all things, if you don’t continue to do it you will slowly lose it.

So whats this big SECRET!

Why nothing really. You just have to force your two minds to work at the same time by simply observing things around you and then saying out loud what they are. There, that is all there is too it. Observe and speak. The observation activates your conscious mind and speaking it aloud binds it to your sub-conscious. You must say what it is you’re looking at out loud or it doesn’t work. The more boring the details, the better. Since walking around saying what you’re looking at would quickly get you stares and probably a trip to the mental health department. I prefer to do it while I’m driving. Reading license plates and details about the cars, road signs and the people in them will quickly start to cement the ability to notice these details without thinking about it.

For example: saying aloud Gray Honda Accord license plate 4JL3401 Toyo tires black dice in window male with black hair gold loop earring etc… As you drive by it. The smaller the details the better. Things like dents or bumper stickers. All these work. You just have to say them out loud.

As Sherlock Holmes said in the quote at the beginning “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” with a little practice you will observe them. Using your sub-conscious to do it for you while giving your conscious mind access to this information, things will quickly become obvious to you and since all things are the result of the reactions of all other things you will be able to predict what is going to happen next just by observing the obvious.

– Gabriel Shear