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Saturday, February 1 , 2014


uglys electricalUgly’s Electrical  References

I’ve been using this little book for over 10 years now. It’s served me well as a supplement to my more formal education. While I know most of what’s in it by heart now, I still keep it with me just in case.

Ugly’s Electrical Reference is an excellent reference for those looking to do more of their own electrical work. It contains many, many excellent charts, and instructions, etc.

So basically, they took all the knowledge that an old experienced master electrician would have, and compressed it down into this little gem. I use this book all the time and it saves me from having to search through the internet for vague charts and information I need, and since it’s a book its “End of the world, no internet proof” It’s that much more valuable.

I picked mine up at the local Home Depot for a little over five bucks many years ago. An excellent price for such an awesome information filled book.

A brief overview of the contents include:

Ohm’s Law

Information on electric motors and their wiring

Use of electrical transformers and calculations for loads

Wire charts and properties of various cabling types

Charts and information for all kinds of electrical tubing and conduit

Pretty much everything related to electricity and its uses

So as I hope you can see. This is a book you need to own. So go get one, and have the confidence of knowing you can have the knowledge of a master electrician in your back pocket.

– Gabriel Shear

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