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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Stick shift

Standard Situation

Lots of people will go through their lives. Never knowing how to drive a standard “stick-shift” vehicle. Some never had the chance to learn. While others simply don’t care.

Less than ten percent of all vehicles produced last year had manual (standard) transmissions. So why should you care to learn to operate one. If all you ever drive an automatic?

Because I suspect (Since your reading this website) that you’re the kinda person who loves to learn. More importantly. You’re they type who knows; that knowledge… Really is power, and that in any given situation. You may be called upon to operate a vehicle that has a manual transmission.


There are millions of vehicles with manual transmissions in the U.S. and even more in the rest of the world. Not being able to use one. Is a serious liability to your survival during an emergency.

When I first met my wife. She didn’t know how to use a manual transmission. Like the kind that was in my truck. I began to do a lot of the driving whenever we would go somewhere, and it became clear that if something happened to me. My wife wouldn’t be able to operate the truck. We decided she needed to learn, and now it is no longer an issue.

Driving a manual transmission is easy once you learn the initial moves and timing. Find a family member, or friend with a manual transmission vehicle that can teach you the basics. If that’s not an option. A quick search on Google. Will bring up a good number of driving schools that can.

This same logic goes for motorcycles too. Although less common; there are still millions on the road. Learn to ride a motorcycle and you will pretty much be able to operate any vehicle on the road. A skill set that will always come in handy.

– Gabriel Shear

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