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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


people waiting for gas

Here are 5 reasons, why you should keep your gas tanks full…


It’s easy to think that doing something so common, and simple, as keeping your gas tank filled isn’t really a survival skill. Well, You would be wrong.

Below are 5 reasons, you should do this one simple thing.


1) You never know when gas may become unavailable

The supply of fuel at any given time, is only a couple of days away from exhaustion. During natural disasters, and other interruptions, the supply of fuel from refineries will be cut off. Having a full tank of gas, is an added security, that you will come out of the situation safely. When the hordes start mobbing the gas pumps, you will be safely clear of that nightmare.

2) You may become lost

Wait…  Now before you think. “Hey I don’t get lost!” “I can track my location, better than a GPS unit, using just the sun and the stars!”.  Lemme tell you a story…

Once, while in the back woods of the Ozarks in NW Arkansas. I made the decision to go on a beer run, and being as I was in a dry county. I had to go to the next county over for some refreshments. Long story short… 4 hours, a lot of narrow unmarked dirt roads, and no beer. I ended up in Missouri. Thankfully I had a full tank of gas, and didn’t end up stranded on a dirt road. Listening for banjos.

Now, if you keep your tank full. Neither will you.

3) You can damage your engine

Over time, crud from debris, and varnishes from gasoline build up in your fuel tank. It all settle to the bottom. If you’re constantly running on fumes. You’re gonna be sucking up all that crud. Right into the fuel pump and engine. Modern fuel pumps use the gas in the tank; to cool the electric motor in the pump. Running low on gas causes the motor to heat up reducing its lifespan. Murphy’s Law dictates it will do so; AT THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME.

4) During a crisis, gas is as good as gold

Watch the news during any kinda crisis, and you will see people lining up at the pumps. Simple supply and demand economics take over. During times like this. Siphoning a gallon or two of gas to trade. May mean (Depending on your circumstances) the difference between; life and death.

5) During an evacuation you wont need to fuel up before leaving.

Large groups of people are evacuated during natural disasters, and other dangerous events such as: flooding, or large forest fires. In the event that you need to evacuate the area. You won’t need to stop, and get fuel. Like all the other non-prepared people. Fighting the hordes to get gas at the pumps, and running out of gas on the freeway are great ways to get yourself in a world of hurt.



There are many more reasons I’m sure, as to why keeping your gas tank topped off as much as possible is a great idea. I hope these five. Help you see the importance of how doing this one simple thing. Could make the difference between whether you survive or not.


– Gabriel Shear



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