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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


SnapSprayBlack Out Kit

 Creating a black out kit is a simple, and inexpensive way to effectively help you survive. By doing that one thing, during a “SHTF” scenario that matters most.


Whats that one thing you might ask?




Keeping a LOW PROFILE!

Like my mother always says “It Don’t Pay To Advertise!”

Well… Maybe in business, but when everybody is after you and your stuff it sure don’t.

So what is a black out kit?

Well, basically it’s just a way to keep everyone, from seeing through the windows of your home/bug out location.

During World War II, people in England would black out their windows, with what ever they had. Usually this was just a bunch of large curtains. The reason for this was so German bombers (who did their bombing at night) could not make out the cities very well, due to the fact no light was coming from the buildings. This made it hard to hit their targets.

Now, today this would be pointless, due to GPS, Satellite Imagery, and a host of other technologies.

Still, when everyone is looking for food or supplies, and unless you plan on just going to bed as soon as it gets too dark to see. Your gonna want a way to use lights inside at night, without being a huge target to everyone looking to do you wrong.

I found, that the cheapest and most effective way to achieve this, is good old black spray paint. It can be quickly applied to a large area, so getting it done fast is a given. One can will cover 18-25 Sq. Ft.  So an average home would only require around six cans. At $4 dollars a can, that’s only $20 dollars. Spray cans take up a lot less room to store than thick curtains or a tarp would. Curtains and tarps could also accidentally get moved, allowing light to escape. During the day if you wanted, you could simply open the window to get some day light. Along with the paint, I would also recommend getting a spray can gun to speed up the process, and save you your finger tips.

Keeping a low profile, and not attracting attention, either to you or your property is a surefire way to survive. A little bit of paint can go a long way, in helping you achieve that goal.

– Gabriel Shear


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