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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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Suction CupSliding Glass Door



 How To Bypass Automatic Sliding Door Locks

The two items above seemingly have no connection to each other.  A suction-cup dent puller, and automatic sliding doors. At first glance totally unrelated. They do however have one special connection. We can use the dent puller to bypass the lock on the sliding glass door.

“So how exactly can you accomplish this?” You might be asking. Well thanks to life safety laws. Like the kind that require fire extinguishers and exit signs. Doors like the one pictured above can not stop people from leaving a building. It’s called free egress, and it’s meant to save lives.

Suppose a fire broke out in the store while people were still inside. Everyone’s gonna panic and run for the exits like it’s the new thing to do. Now suppose the fire caused a power outage and suddenly those power doors don’t open. As everyone crashes into the door trying escape those up front would be crushed.

To prevent that from happening, the glass panels the door is made up of are designed to break free, and swing outward if enough pressure is applied from the inside. Normally this wouldn’t matter from a security standpoint. As there are no handles or anything to grab on too from the outside. No way to pull outward.

In comes the dent puller. By applying the puller near the edge of one of the side panels you can now pull with enough force to cause it to release. The same as if someone was pushing from inside. Once the panel has released you now have access, and have bypassed the lock. Also due to the way the doors normally function, opening the door this way will generally not trigger any kind of alarm sensor tied to the door. Manufacturers have different designs, but almost all types have this feature. A little bit of MacGyver type knowledge to keep in mind.

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